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Do you need more than one photographer?

On your wedding day, do you need two photographers to capture it? Or would just 1 photographer do the trick?

Photo credits: Creative Photos Team

What does the extra photographer bring to the table?

In every wedding, there is always a LOT that is going on simultaneously. People who want photos of themselves along with their friends. Friends and family dancing on the dance floor of the wedding reception. DJ spinning disks and keeping the party alive. It is simply a lot of simultaneous little moments that are occurring on the night of your wedding. In the midst of all of this, you want to also have the attention of your photographer, whether it maybe for the first kiss, or cutting of the cake or even a little intimate moment that you wished he or she had captured. However, that is not possible if your photographer is preoccupied with any of the above moments. Whilst so, something that a lot of people tend to forget is, that you want your photographer to capture those moments that are happening around you.

In the middle of everything happening, a lot of times, couples are not aware of every single moment that is happening in the reception. However some of those moments are later on some of the most precious moments that if captured, they will treasure forever. Every single couple whom we had photographed their wedding, came back after looking at their photos and said "Wow! We didn't see half of this stuff!"

What you want on the night of your big day is to have no moments missed. Every single detail matters and its important to be captured. Otherwise they wouldn't call it the big day! Its critical to make sure that there are two photographers photographing your wedding, as it is completely understandable that a photographer is only human. They can do a mistake even beyond their control. More often than not, photographers will offer a second photographer free of charge on any wedding package or for a small fee when compared to the price of the package. Simply due to the fact that they themselves do not want to miss any moment.

If you have any questions or would like some help with your wedding planning, shoot us a comment below! :-)

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