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How to pick the right photographer for your big day

Updated: May 14, 2020

Its a question that every single newly engaged couple ask themselves. How do we pick the right photographer for our big day? How do we choose between the many options and the plethora of companies that exist. In this quick read, we will help you select the best photographer for your big day.

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Starting from scratch

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. Its a once in a lifetime event. Something that you will never forget and want to share with everyone of your loved ones. Therefore you want photos that will capture the true essence and beauty of the day. So that for ages to come you can remember that beautiful day. However you don't know where to begin about picking your photographer, so let me help you with that.

To begin you have to ask 3 simple questions:

  1. How experienced is the photographer

  2. What is your budget

  3. How are their customer reviews

How experienced is the photographer

In simple terms, if you were looking for a recipe for baking brownies, wouldn't you expect the person who wrote the recipe to have baked brownies before? Wouldn't you want to see a photo of the outcome or watch a video to get a feel for it? That is exactly what you have to do!

You need to invest time to look at the portfolio of the photographer that will be in charge of capturing those beautiful moments. You need to focus on the aspects that align with your wedding. If it is an outdoor wedding then look at their outdoor photos. However if you see a wedding photographer with only reception photos that are indoors, that should raise some flags somewhere :)

What is your budget

Budget is one of those things that a lot of couples think they will figure out when they start to do some shopping around to know how much does photography really cost. However that is a wild misconception. Your budget is simply what you can afford for your big day. One of the major stress factors of any wedding is money and how to afford it all. It should be simple, how much you can spend and you should follow step number 1 for all photographers that fall within your budget.

Customer reviews

If people didn't look at restaurant reviews, Yelp would be out business.

It's one of those things that is overlooked by a lot of people and it is how the customer experience is with the photographer. I guess its because they think that the photographer will take the photos, provide it to them and be out of their hair. But reality iis that iis not the case. In fact if you think about your wedding, the only vendor that lingers around after your big day is over, is the photographer.

You will spend time communicating with them even after the wedding to get your photos and making sure schedules align for any pre-wedding photo-sessions. So you better make sure their customer experience is top notch. Not just their photos. Oh they my produce amazing photos but if their customer experience is not great, you might want to overlook them

If you have any questions or would like some help with your wedding planning, shoot us a comment below! :-)

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